How to make a rug (the rolling method)
Starting with a matchstick blind, woven mattor old bed sheet layout the desired design on the matt.  (You will be making the rug upside down.)
Lay the background wool out in layers, each layer going the opposite of the last.
When all of the layers have been layed out (4 layers or more depending on desired thickness), put a netting over the top and sprinkle with hot soapy water. Use hands or feet to gently squish the wool flat, adding more water to dry areas.
Carefully roll the wool up in the mat around a pole and tie the mat closed.  With feet roll the mat back and forth for a couple of minutes.  Unroll and check the wool for dry spots. Add more water if needed.  Roll up from the opposite direction and roll back and forth as before.
When the wool is felted enough to turn over without falling apart, turn the wool over and check the design.  Some spots may need soap added and to be rubbed by hand for them to stick down.  Parts of the design that have shifted can be pushed back into place, but do not pull the piece off and try to stick it back down or that will undo any felting that has happened and it may be too late for it to reattatch.

Turn the rug one quarter way around and continue rolling as before.  Keep unrolling, turning and rerolling the rug until the rug is very tightly felted, then roll it even more just to be sure.  When  you are finished rolling rinse out the felt by spraying with the hose outside or in the bathtub.  Gently squeeze out the water by rolling in the mat again.  Leave it flat to dry in the sun or inside with a fan blowing on the rug.