more hats
We call these Scythian hats, based on c. 300 BCE depictions of Scythians, but you may call then Phrygian, Smurf, Gnome, pesant, or just plain silly. This is a very basic and naturally made felt hat style that seems to pop up in a lot of different times and places.  Each hat has its own unique character and shape.  They can be short or tall, very strait or curly tipped, sit just on top of the head or come down over the ears.  They can even have ear flaps!
Fatima wearing her domed hat with fur edging.  Notice the coordinating bag!
This domed hat is based on 16th century turkish paintings.  It can be worn with or without a turban.  Similar hats show up in other times and places with names like "sugarloaf".
Classic fez, also based on 16th century Turkish paintings, and can also be worn with a turban. 
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