Bags are hard to document to the medieval period (please let me know if you can!)  Probably people didn't have what we think of a purses, nor did many people have a lot of spare change to be carrying around, much less cell phones, keys and soda bottles.  But we as historical recreators need them to hide all of our modern little things we still carry around at events. Traditionally, central Asian and Middle Eastern nomadic cultures stored almost everything in bags of various sizes, as they are easy to strap on your camel when traveling. Many of the designs on our bags are taken from or inspired by historical or traditional motifs.
belt pouch with 16th century Turkish moon motif.
celtic face motif
Tibetan Lotus
Turkish tulips
Celtic spiral fun
Front and back of same bag, inspired by Middle Eastern kilm rug designs.
I call this one "Primitive".  It has contrasting locks of fiber laid onto the surface and holes intentionally cut into the flap.  Its a rather large bag, about 15 x 20 inches.
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